Highs and Lows

So as some of you may have noticed, blogging has tailed off somewhat…in that it’s completely stopped!  Gwalia life has of course continued and Cabin on the Lake and Gwalia Camping are still going strong.  We have however had a bit of an epic time of it since last posting.  For starters, Amy gave birthcontinue reading »

The Otter Morning

Gwalia is less than 3 miles from the famous River Dyfi. The eco-system of the Dyfi Valley is so significant that it has been granted UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve status. This has helped local people protect the landscape and to preserve and study the many species which live within it. Otters are one of thosecontinue reading »

Proper Homemade Oatcakes

I find it quite amazing that not everyone makes these. Homemade oatcakes are really easy and fast to make and taste so much better than shop ones. I don’t like shop ones at all, but these are well yummy (I think it’s the butter!)

I Do…

28th May 2011 was a wonderful day here at Gwalia as it was the day when the lovely Amy and I became Mrs and Mrs, or rather Ms and Ms as we prefer it.  I write this because having had so many people want to come here for a romantic getaway, it seems only fittingcontinue reading »

The Bed Dilemma

How many different ways can you make a bed?  As it turns out, the answer to that is a lot more than I could ever have imagined!  Now, I’m quite a neat and tidy person, like things to be done in a certain way however as long as the beds made I’m not that bothered. continue reading »