Organic, Environmentally Sensitive Family Farming since 1979

1979 – The First Wave

Since coming here in 1979, Livy and Harry’s aim has been to produce as much food as they can and to minimise the family’s impact on the environment. Vegetables and fruit grow in the garden, delicious eggs are laid by free range hens and milk is from the goats. Gooseberry, blackcurrant or damson jam is made from fruit grown in the garden. When we do buy in food we try to buy fair-trade or organic. Our spring water tastes wonderful.

Our house and water are heated in winter by a wood stove. We have installed solar panels to supplement this and heat the water during the summer.

2013 – The Second Wave

In 2013 Livy and Harry were joined by their returning daughter Amy and her partner Dee. Amy and Dee are developing the business at Gwalia by creating an exciting Glamping Cabin on the Lake, improving the camping facilities.  Building on the wonderful work done by Livy and Harry over the past 33 years, they are continuing in the environmentally sensitive and organic approach.

Livy hasn’t retired completely, she still lives here and helps out but has been winding down and is transferring responsibility for the business and home to Dee and Amy.

Amy and Dee have been working hard on the business and the house and you can read more about it in their blog.