Cabin FAQ

Is there electricity at the Cabin?

No, the Cabin is off-grid. For light, we supply battery powered LED torches and lamps as well as rechargeable “tea lights” and solar/rechargeable fairy lights. Safety Legislation (2023) means that there are strictly no candles at the Cabin. There is a USB charging port in the services shed next to the Cabin.

Is there water at the Cabin?

Yes! Loads of water including a running tap with fresh filtered and UV treated spring water (as with everyone with a private water supply it is regularly tested by our local Council, so assured safe) – no need to bring bottled water!

Can I charge my phone? Is there mobile reception? Is there wi-fi?

We encourage our visitors to take a break from modern technology for a complete escape. However, there is a USB charging socket in the kitchen area which can be used for mobile phones. Mobile reception is variable, most networks get some signal and some networks get 4G. There’s no wi-fi at the Cabin but if you need you can come and sit in our garden and we’ll give you the password for the wi-fi at the  house if you need.

How big is the lake?

It’s big enough for a quick dip and also to canoe around the island, but it is a very small, peaceful lake. Our Scottish friends call it the “wee lochan”. It’s full of wildlife though and completely idyllic.  The Other lake, which is close by, is deeper and bigger and better for swimming. There’s even a wee jetty for a run and jump!

Can I fish in the lake?

You could try, but we’re pretty sure there aren’t any fish. We did have trout once but were visited by a hungry otter who ate all the fish! There are other local places to fish including Clywedog , Aberydyfi and in the Dyfi.

Can I bring my dog?

Sorry, but we are unable to accept dogs or any other pets at the Cabins.

Can I bring my child?

The Cabin on the Lake is the perfect romantic retreat for two, also the proximity of the water would make it pretty stressful (for you and us!). Although we love children, we have created a lovely peaceful space here so, sorry – no kids!

I’m pregnant!

Congratulations! The Cabin will be a lovely place to relax before the baby is born. However, you will absolutely need to talk to your doctor about whether or not to use the hot tub.

Can I book for one night only?

Unfortunately, this doesn’t really work at the Cabin on the Lake. Firstly, we think it wouldn’t do the holiday justice, arriving at 4pm one evening and leaving at 10am the next morning isn’t enough time to relax, settle in and have the perfect, romantic experience. Additionally, single night bookings aren’t practical for us; the changeover is a significant amount of work, also cleaning and refilling the hot tub takes many hours. We wouldn’t get anything else done! 

How much firewood is provided?

We supply a decent amount of firewood for your stay in the Cabin. Many of our guests find this amount to be enough. We do however, offer extra bags at £5 each which you might need if you choose to have multiple fires going at the same time, there’s the campfire, the cabin stove and the hot tub.

I want do organise something extra special for my partner. Can you help with…?

Of course, give us a ring to discuss your ideas. We’re really happy to help with setting up extra special ideas and surprises you may have mind. We can offer therapeutic massage here at the house as Amy’s mum is a fully trained (and extremely good!) masseuse.

What will it be like in winter?

It might be chilly, but the fires will roar and the hot tub will be as hot as you’d like.  There is some insulation, but the Cabin will get cold when the fire goes out so you may have to keep stocking it up with wood to stay warm.  We supply a thick duvet, hot water bottles and extra blankets but suggest you bring lots of warm clothes too. The kitchen and toilet facilities are all outdoors although they are covered from the rain. We think the Cabin in winter is a wonderful experience, but it is still an outdoors experience so be prepared and pack the thermals! You can read a blog from some of our winter guests to give you good idea of what it’s really like.

What about snow?

We don’t often get snowed in at Gwalia but it is a possibility. It happens maybe once every 3 years or so. If it is looking likely we’ll give you a ring to discuss the options which are likely to include – i) leaving your car in the village, we’ll come and meet you with sledges to help bring your stuff up the hill  ii) offering alternative dates

When are you releasing the next set of dates? Can you let me know if there are any cancellations?

We generally only release dates about 6 months ahead. This is because we need to schedule our own time off as well as any maintenance breaks. When we release new dates we’ll send an email out to our mailing list. If there are ever any cancellations we also publicise this on the mailing list. Sign up here.