Plumbing and Electrics

It’s not just all the building work we’re doing ourselves.  The redesign has also involved a great deal of plumbing and re-wiring to fit in with the new layout but also to bring this part of the house up to current building standards.  Harry is fortunately a bit of a dab hand at plumbing and turns his hand to most things so has been really helpful with advice and guidance.  On the Electrics side of things we’ve had the help of a local electrician who has discussed the planned work with Amy and then come back to check everything over before going live.  It’s been really useful for Amy to have had the benefit of his knowledge, skills and of course he’s been invaluable at reassuring everything is safe before he’s “plugged us in”.  Whilst the input has been fantastic, Amy has done all of the actual work herself, not to mention figuring out the numerous plumbing and electric parts we’ve needed to get up and running.  The entire original half of the house has been completely rewired, a new consumer unit installed and on the plumbing side she’s dismantled the old bathroom / pantry arrangements and fitted the plumbing for a new kitchen and bathroom.  I keep being in awe at how these things just get done.  Lots of hard work and research of course goes into it but it’s great to remember that hiring someone to rewire your house and plumb in a new kitchen and bathroom would cost a small fortune.  Amy rocks!