Disco Baths and Disco Dinners

Among life’s many pleasures is the joy of music.  We’ve always got the radio on or our tunes playing while we’re toiling away at Gwalia.  Amy found amplifiers online and rigged up a 12V system to run speakers both in the bathroom and kitchen.  The kitchen speakers are fairly standard but the bathroom ones are fitted into the ceiling.  Both systems run off of our phones so we just plug our phones into the integrated amplifier doc and choose from digital radio or any of the 400ish albums stored on our phones. 

To accompany the tunes of course you need a bit of lighting to set the right mood.  In the bathroom there’s a light box down one side of the bath so you can set it to a serene blue light or go for the flashing disco option, depending on ones mood!  Likewise in the kitchen where similar “stylish” lighting moods can be set.  We’ve got under counter lighting, under plinth lighting and of course what kitchen would be complete without the disco shelf?

So far this has mostly been admired by our two small nephews who have been repeatedly pleading for very energetic discos in the kitchen but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time until this catches on!