Amy HQ

[singlepic id=29 w=320 h=240 float=right] There is much work to do before we even get started on any house renovations. In order to have a space in which to work and create, let alone house Amy’s ever-growing collection of tools and accessories, we’ve had to do a bit of a conversion job on Harry’s garage. When I say garage it’s more like a massive shed which is divided in 2. “The black shed” houses an Aladdin’s cave of “useful” things, most of which are so thick in dust and cobwebs that I’m unsure what some things actually are. It was a similar story on the other side where, over the years, an accumulation of all sorts of stuff was getting a tad out of hand.

Now, it’s a bit of delicate balance trying to cram 2 households into one, particularly when the household in question is that of your in-laws. One person’s junk is another person’s treasure and so having made a day-trip to Hereford to collect an Ebay-purchased trailer, we were all ready to start the big clear out of the shed. Just as my pulse steadied and a plan of attack was forming, we were distracted by a darting object overhead. 2 birds flew out from the rafters and exited from a small hole in the opposite side of the shed. We looked up to find not 1 but 2 birds nests carefully crafted and moulded to the side of the roof just by the entrance way. Livy came down to cast an expert eye over proceedings and reliably informed us that one of the nests belonged to a fairly rare and extremely timid Spotted Flycatcher. Disturbing it would almost certainly lead to the bird abandoning it’s nest. Coupled with the nest of a Swalllow, the decision was made, the Black Shed would have to wait until the Spotted Flycatchers at least had fledged.

There was still plenty to be getting on with from the main shed however and a large pile for the dump / recycling had quickly formed. Now, I’m more of a “chuck it now, ask questions later” kinda gal, which is somewhat in conflict with the in-law’s mantra of “but you never know when this will be useful”. Frustrated as I was at certain items being kept for “sentimental reasons” (ahem…DARTBOARD!), I’m a woman of compromise and sensitivity (usually). In the end a reasonable clear out took place and our new trusty trailer made it on several trips to the Machynlleth recycling centre…and only once an extremely stressful reversing manoeuvre was required. And so the building of the workshop could now commence, Amy’s HQ if you will. We had discussed the purchase of several large metal worktops and storage cabinets which would have come in at about £300 but in the end the entire cost was £34.99 for a small workshop organiser and screw tidy…bargain. It’s now kitted out with some classy 1950’s kitchen cabinets which were removed from the old pantry to make way for our new kitchen and a couple of good solid beech work-tops courtesy of Amy’s sister. A dividing stud-wall across the centre of the shed meant there’s still space for cars, motorbikes, trailers, loads of scrap wood and all the other shed stuff meanwhile, Amy has a spacious and well-equipped workshop. No excuses, now we can start building stuff!