Cabin Booking Terms & Conditions

Deposits & Payments

Full payment is taken by credit / debit card on booking. Payments are processed through our provider, Stripe. You will receive an email confirmation on booking. If for any reason your payment was processed and you didn’t receive a confirmation email you must contact us immediately.


Cancellations must be notified immediately by telephone.  Cancellations 10 weeks prior to the booking date will result in a refund of the amount paid minus a 10% admin fee.  Refunds take 5-14 days to process and will be returned to the card you paid on. If you have to cancel within 10 weeks of your booking no refund is due. Bookings are non-transferable. Holiday cancellation insurance should be taken out to cover forced cancellations. 

Change of dates

If you request to change the date of your stay this will be treated as a cancellation and re-booking, see cancellation terms above.

Children, Pets, Additional People

The Cabin is only suitable for 2 adults. We do not accept children (anyone under 18) at Cabin on the Lake.  We do not accept dogs or any other pets at Cabin on the lake.  We do not accept more than two people. This is a strict rule. We will turn you away if you arrive with children, pets or additional adults and will not give you a refund.

Our Liability

In the unlikely event that it is necessary for us to cancel your booking we will either a) try to arrange a new date for you or b) issue a full refund of payments made. We are unable to accept liability for consequential losses and suggest you take out travel insurance to cover this.

Hot Tub Safety and Medical Conditions

Hot tubs have been linked to Legionnaire’s Disease caused by legionella bacterium which can thrive in water at temperatures between 20 – 45 degrees C.  At Gwalia Farm, we take the safety of our guests very seriously and are complying with the regulations to the best of our ability in order to minimize these risks. Our wood-fired hot tub uses a combination of chemical and UV treatment / filtration systems to keep the water clean.  We are confident there is no reason why our hot tub should not be safe to use, providing that our guests read, understand and comply with the advice and guidance given. You must consult with your doctor before use if you suffer from diseases of the heart and circulation, any immune deficiencies, subject to fits, are pregnant or are taking drugs affecting the cardiovascular or nervous systems. People with skin, ear, genital or other body infections, open sores / wounds, or those who have suffered from diarrhoea in the last 14 days, or are incontinent should not use the hot tub because of the possibility of spreading infection. Do not use the hot tub while using or after using narcotics or other drugs that may cause sleepiness, drowsiness or raise / lower blood pressure.  The heat of the hot tub water speeds up the effects of alcohol and can cause sleepiness, dizziness and unconsciousness.  It’s recommended not to use the tub immediately after a heavy meal. Guests must wash thoroughly before using the hot tub to remove lotions, oils, make-up or skin creams which can cause the water to become unhealthy.  No contaminants i.e. shampoos, bubble bath, alcohol, oils etc. should be placed in the water as this can upset the water balance causing it to become unhealthy, unclean and could result in allergic reactions. Please be aware that you use the hot tub at your own risk. We cannot be held responsible for your safety whilst you are using the hot tub.  We reserve the right to charge you for any damage caused by your negligence and / or cleaning fee (£25) to those in breach of these guidelines.

Swimming and Canoeing

Wild swimming and canoeing can be dangerous and carries the risk of drowning.  If you don’t feel comfortable taking this risk then please do not enter the water.  By using the canoe or swimming you must understand that you are taking responsibility for your own safety.

Your Safety

When you arrive we'll give you some information about safety in the cabin, the use of the hot tub and lake.  These instructions are particularly important for the health and safety of both yourself and others.  It's really important that you follow the instructions given and if you fail to do this we may ask you to leave with no refund offered.

Check-in & Check-out

You must check-in to the cabin between 3pm and 5pm (we have to give you a tour and some information!) on the day of your arrival and leave by 10am on the day of your departure.